Reward Points


As a thank you for shopping with us, we’re offering you reward points!  When you register an account with us, you’ll automatically receive 25 reward points.  If you also choose to sign up for our newsletter, you’ll receive another 25 reward points*.  And then for every full £1.00 that you spend, you’ll receive two reward points.  And there’s more!  You’ll receive 25 reward points for your first website order and a further 10 points for each product that you review after you have purchased it.

You’ll see a ‘price in reward points’ figure when you click on any product.  When you want to ‘spend’ your points, make sure that you are logged in, put whatever you’re purchasing into your cart and then click on VIEW CART (rather than ‘checkout’).  At that point, you’ll be offered the opportunity to redeem them.  If you’re not logged in, you’ll not see the redeem option.

P&P charges are not included in our reward points system.

*Newsletter reward points will be deducted if you unsubscribe from our newsletter.







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