Reward Points

Everyone who registers on our website will earn reward points which can be saved up to use in one go or they can be used as you go along!  Here’s how they build up:-

  • 25 points as soon as you register
  • 25 points when you place your first order
  • 2 points for every full £1 that you spend (excluding delivery costs)
  • 10 points every time you leave a product review for an item that you have purchased and received
  • Occassional reward point promotions via our Website and/or our Facebook Page

Each product has a ‘price’ in reward points.  To find the ‘reward point price’ look at any category, click on the picture of the product that you like and you’ll see the ‘reward point price’ underneath the cash price.

To redeem your points

  • Make sure that you are logged in
  • Add whatever you fancy to your shopping cart
  • Once you are ready to check out, click where it says SHOPPING CART or VIEW CART and you’ll see a section which asks if you’d like to redeem points
  • Please note that if you are not logged in, you will not see the option to redeem points

On the rare occassion that an item is returned, it’s reward points will be removed.


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