Since we launched The Scarf Seller on Facebook in January 2014, we have donated thousands of pounds to both human and animal charities.  All receipts can be found on our Facebook Page wall and as of June 2019, on our Facebook Group wall.  This website was launched in February 2019 and fundraising will continue!



On 23rd April 2022 we donated £50 Brainwave and we sent a donation of 10 scarves to The Lewis Foundation as a result of our mini Easter fundraiser.

On 15th March 2022 we donated £44.64 to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation’s appeal to help zoo animals in Ukraine.

On 9th March 2022 we donated £213.02 to the DEC/Red Cross Ukranian Crisis Appeal

On 17th December 2021 we donated £535.89 to Anxiety UK plus £535.89 to Dementia UK as a result of our Christmas Fundrasing.

On 22nd November 2021 we donated £50.00 to Irina’s Sheltered Hearts (Romania) from sales on 21st November.

On 19th November 2021 we donated £51.72 to Children in Need as a result of Julia’s online scarf party.

On 12th November 2021 we donated £100 to the Royal British Legion.

On 23rd February 2021 we donated £110 via Just Giving in memory of Alfie Rizzari who was born sleeping on 8th January.

On 17th December 2020 we donated £554.33 to The Trussell Trust and £554.33 to Rescue Me Animal sanctuary, as a result of our Christmas fundraising.

On 17th November 2020 we donated £36 to Children in Need as a result of Julia’s online party and from Sue’s online party, we donated £27.87 to The Air Ambulance on 24th November 2020.

During the first two weeks of November 2020, we donated £10 to St Thomas’ Church Oldham, £21.87 to International Karate, £59.27 to Care4Calais, £234.55 to the Royal British Legion and £50 to North Clwyd Animal Rescue.

On 8th August 2020 we donated £34.55 to the British Red Cross Beirut Appeal, from 24 hour’s worth of orders from outside of our Summer Sale collection.

On 1st July 2020 we donated £98 to NHS Charities Together as our first donation from sales of our Fundraising Rainbow scarf.

On 8th June 2020 we donated £128.95 to Chester Zoo to help them stay afloat.

On 4th June 2020 we donated £23 to St Thomas’ Church, Oldham.

On 28th April 2020 we donated £100.20 to NHS Charities Together to support their work in fighting Covid-19.

On 20th March 2020 we donated £323.80 to the Samaritans.  This will fund up to 68 calls

On 17th December 2019 we donated £519.66 to Crisis to reserve 18 places in Crisis shelters over the Christmas period.

On November 24th 2019 we donated £20 to Knutsford Rugby Club and on November 26th we donated £20 to Pennine Penn Animal Rescue, both from events.

On November 14th 2019 we donated £60 to Children in Need, from sales of scarves at a pop up shop event.

On November 11th 2019, we donated £244.30 to the Royal British Legion, from the sale of poppy scarves.

On 9th July 2019 we donated £25 to Labrador Retriever Rescue Southern England from pre-order sales of our Puppies scarf range.

In June 2019 we donated £37.35 to BedsForBullies from pre-order sales of our English Bull Terrier scarf.

Over the Easter weekend 2019 our fundraising allowed us to ‘adopt’ a Tiger from WWF.  The certifcate can be found on our Facebook Page wall.

During March 2019 we were fundraising in support of Dementia UK and we’ve made a donation of £346.50.


Further fundraising to come, so please check back or keep your eye on our social media.

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